Francistown Teen Club: Building Strong Leaders

In loving memory of Kuda Matakule (02 April 1994 – 12 August 2009) who will be much missed by his fellow Francistown Teen Club members.

“Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you there.”

~ Isla Paschal Richardson

The following post is courtesy of Jillian Faulks-Majuta, an Adult Volunteer at Francistown Teen Club:

Two Teen Leaders at Francistown Teen Club. Photo courtesy of Jason Keenan.
Two Teen Leaders at Francistown Teen Club. Photo courtesy of Jason Keenan.

Francistown Teen Club: Building Strong Leaders

On 9th May, Francistown Teen Club hosted its best Teen Club event yet! We met at the Light and Courage Centre Trust (LCCT) as usual to start the meeting with a short icebreaker and a presentation on ARVs before heading out for an adventurous scavenger hunt along Blue Jacket Street. The teens were divided into 4 teams, each guided by an Adult Volunteer with clues to lead them to different shops. At the shops, managers or staff members asked questions related to health and Botswana history. After a short discussion, each group answered the questions. A correct answer was rewarded with a clue that led them to the next shop. For about an hour, Blue Jacket Street was full of Teen Club members marching from shop to shop.

At the end of the scavenger hunt, all the participants received certificates for completing the hunt and the winning team received gift boxes that included stationary for school. A special “thank you” goes out to the following shops in Francistown for participating in the scavenger hunt: Cell City, Mimi’s Café, Cape Unio (Galo Mall), Something Special Florist, Seed Hill Clothing Shop, Supreme Furniture, Pep Store, Rose Hair Salon, Knock Out, Lewis Furniture and Chicken Run (Blue Jacket Street) and the Farmhouse Confectionery in Village Mall. We ended the day with delicious pizza and fruits while the teens discussed their adventure down Blue Jacket Street.

Francistown Teen Club is also in the process of grooming great leaders. Since the inception of Francistown Teen Club it has taken us a few months to get moving in the right direction. For awhile, it was a challenge to get the teens to open up to each other as the meetings were being organized and led mostly by the Adult Volunteers. However, we are proud to note that since the election of our Teen Leaders earlier this year, the teen members are becoming more open with each other and beginning to build relationships and friendships that help to bind the club together.

A leadership training was held in July for our four Teen Leaders by Ntobeledzi Boitumelo (Assistant Coordinator of Botswana Teen Club), Tswelelopele Masutlha (Nurse and Teen Club Adult Volunteer) and two Teen Leaders from the Gaborone Teen Club. Since the training, the Teen Leaders have demonstrated increased energy and enthusiasm to implement new activities and take more leadership in the planning and implementation of the Francistown Teen Club activities.

During the first week of the recent school holiday, our Teen Leaders also attended King’s Camp, a program run by the King’s Foundation, held at Clifton School in Francistown. As participants of the Rookie Leadership program, the Teen Leaders leaned great strategies to manage and motivate large groups of their peers, lead energizers and effectively plan events and activities. We can’t wait for them to put this knowledge to action!

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