Maun Teen Club: Off to a Great Start!

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The following post is courtesy of Onkagetse Present, a staff member of Bana Ba Letsatsi and Adult Volunteer for Maun Teen Club:

Maun Teen Club members explore a tributary of the Okavango Delta at Maun Educational Game Park (Photo courtesy of Agatha Offorjebe).

Maun Teen Club: Off to a Great Start!

Ayoba, Teen Club, ayoba!!!

Wow!  What a wonderful day indeed! We had a great turnout for our first event on 21st November, with 18 teens and 13 adult volunteers!  I had been waiting a long time for the first Maun Teen Club event to come to fruition.  The meetings in preparation for the first event had gone well, and the teens were also excited as they could hardly wait for their inaugural Teen Club event. 

When the day finally arrived, the teens in attendance were so happy that they wished the day would never end.  They were quiet when they first arrived but it did not take long for them to warm-up to each other, and soon they were talking and playing with each other as if they were all old friends.

The teens enjoyed themselves as we took a walking safari through the Maun Educational Game Park.  After that, we sat down to lunch and listened to one of the Gaborone Teen Leaders talk about the way Teen Club works and the responsibilities and qualities of a good Teen Leader.  The teens enjoyed his talk.  After lunch the teens lined up to collect their transport money.  As they collected their money and began to part ways, what impressed me was how the teens were encouraging and reminding each other to take their medications over the Christmas holidays.

After the event, one of our adult volunteers in Maun reflected on the day:  “It was a pleasant event as youth were open and free to talk about what really concerned them.  I volunteered to help and encourage the teens because I live with the virus myself and I understand how being HIV-positive is a tough experience especially for those who are still under the control of their parents.  Most of our HIV-positive youth hide from being open because they think that their friends and colleagues will discriminate against them.  In light of this, I urge all Batswana to help those who are affected and infected by HIV and in this way we can change our country and the world.”

What a great start for Maun Teen Club!  Ayoba!