Maun Teen Club: A Day for Caregivers!

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The following post is courtesy of  Katlego Koboto, Peer Educator at the Botswana-Baylor COE:

Maun Teen Club treats the parents and caregivers of their Teen Club members to a day of fun! (Stock photo)

Maun Teen Club: A Day for Caregivers!

22nd May 2010 was a day filled with memories and hope for the teens at Bana Ba Letsatsi. Not only was it the May Teen Club event, it was Caregivers’ Day too! Proud and happy parents came to witness the joy their teenage children get from Teen Club. “It was a day to remember” as one teen member commented.

The whole initiative was to put the parents’ minds at ease,  so that they could get perspective on all of the Saturdays that their teens leave home at 7:00a.m in the morning and came back late in the afternoon. The event started off with a tour of Bana ba Letsatsi for the caregivers.

 As usual, the Teen Leaders kicked the day off with some icebreakers and energizers. What followed was “torture” for the parents but absolute fun for the teens: everyone tried aerobics and yoga moves. The teens loved it so much that they didn’t want to stop stretching! Certificates were awarded for teens who helped make Teen Club successful, and they were praised with lots of ululations.

Then, came the part every teenager loved- yes, you guessed it, LUNCH!!! The theme for the event was “Botswana Culture” so traditional food was served (Bogobe ba lerotse, soup, macaroni, salad, chicken and dessert, to name a few!) Mmmm! Delightful, if you ask me!

Then as the day wrapped up, teens got their transport money and cleaned up. It was time to say goodbye. One parent was quoted as saying, “I am really thankful for the change Teen Club has brought to our children. They are happy and active now that they have joined Teen Club”. That statement shows the great impact Teen Club has on HIV positive adolescents thanks to the efforts made by Teen Club staff and volunteers to give a helping hand (while having fun at the same time!).