Love, Friendship and Valentine’s Day

Chris and Yasmin: Happy to know each other, Happy to be friends

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The following post is courtesy of  Zoé Kavanagh, Project Assistants at the Botswana-Baylor COE:


On Saturday January 29th we enjoyed the first Teen Club of the new year. This month we were getting ready for Valentine’s day, and our activities were based on the theme of relationships. We split the group into two younger and older teen groups to be able to focus on the specific needs of each. Both groups participated in a discussion regarding the meanings and varieties of relationships, and what the implications of different types of connections mean to various individuals.

The younger teens started off the activities by making origami hearts, which they decorated and inserted Valentines greetings into. There will be many recipients who will be very pleased to receive these special pieces of art! After which another discussion on the subject of friendship was followed by the creation of friendship bracelets. Many of the teens chose to do the blue, white, and black of the Botswana flag, although many other color combinations were chosen to make the bracelets.



Friends helping each other with their bracelets

The older teens participated in similarly focused discussions, and took that on in two ways. They split up into yet smaller groups, and then regrouped to treat the topic as a whole. The activities concluded with watching the movie Valentine’s Day, in an effort to highlight some of the pressures and expectations of all sorts of relationships. In all, it was a great learning activity with lots of opinions, and creativity in anticipation for Valentine’s Day which is coming up around the corner.