World AIDS Day Essay Competition

The November Teen Club activity included an essay writing competition aligned with World Aids Day Essay Contest. While all participants produced interesting pieces in both English and Setswana. Teen Club presented the top 3 essayists with prizes in collaboration with New Capital Cinema who generously donated movie tickets for the winners. We have the pleasure of presenting the top essay here, on the theme of why World Aids Day is necessary:

Do you think World Aids Day is necessary?

World Aids Day is an important day to both people living with HIV and AIDS and those who are affected by it. It is necessary to commemorate this day because this may help to remind people that HIV and AIDS is still living. HIV and AIDS is a well-known phenomenon that takes away the lives of many people. This day is commemorated on the first day of December every year and the theme for this year would be, “Universal Access and Human Rights.”

World Aids Day marks an important day in every individual’s life because it helps to encourage people to take care of others, that is, it promotes the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood among people. For example, during this day there are a lot of activities that take place to raise funds in order to help the people living with HIV and AIDS. Activities like traditional dance, sponsored walks, dramas and others. All the funds that have been made would be used to help these people.

This day helps to sensitize both people living with HIV and AIDS and the affected ones on their rights. It helps because they people living with HIV and AIDS are made aware that they have rights just like any other individual. This also reduces stigmatization and discrimination because people are made aware of their rights. For example, no one has the right to discriminate another just because of his or her HIV essay.

World AIDS Day helps to reduce HIV and AIDS transmission. Since the majority of the people are living with HIV and AIDS, people are taught on how to take of themselves to avoid HIV and AIDS transmission. They are taught to practice safe sex, not breastfeed their babies if they are HIV positive mothers, not to share sharp objects like razors and injections, in order to avoid blood transfusion. People are also encouraged to go for HIV and AIDS tests, avoid having multiple concurrent partners so that they can prevent being re-infected or transmitting the virus.

To sum up, World AIDS Day is a really necessary because it helps to promote peace and tranquility since people are made aware that they should respect each other’s rights. It also helps to sensitize people living with HIV and AIDS on how to take care of themselves, for example taking their antiretroviral medications as prescribed by their doctors. Lastly it helps to impart knowledge to people, both infected and affected with HIV and AIDS to help fight against it.