Tutoring Testimony

A student is tutored by one of the Teen Club Volunteers

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The following post was submitted by a Teen involved in the COE’s Tutoring Program:

A Transformation Like Never Before!

Has your life ever been changed? Have you ever been transformed from a mere human being to an indispensible intellectual? Have you ever seen so many Cs and Ds that the sight has left you on the brink of losing hope? I have, and this is how I was born again…

Just the mere mention of tutoring can get many people uncomfortable and agitated but trust me, it is a grand idea. It started this year when I found that my clinic, Baylor, offered tutoring for patients that wanted it. Boy, was I excited! I couldn’t wait until I finally got my own tutor, at no cost whatsoever! This means I wouldn’t have to be in debt to my family forever! That night I couldn’t sleep for excitement was running through each and every one of my veins! It was at that moment I knew my new life was about to begin…

The next day, I went to the institute and was welcomed by an outstanding fellow named Peter. We talked about the programme and the very next day it was underway. I met my first tutors Ludo and Tshoganetso who taught me all the technicalities, machinery and electronics behind I.T. My second tutor, Robin taught me the secrets of Matrices and tricks behind shear and stretch transformations. My third tutor, Ashley, taught me the science behind the circulatory system and that the smallest form of energy is called ATP! Yolanda, my fourth tutor taught me English. You must know she is good at it, thus the essay!

So in conclusion, if you want a terrific team of tutors then come hither – Baylor an institute with an atmosphere so serene. These are tutors that emulate Aristotle in their teaching and mentoring. These lessons could make you top of your class and have your teacher stupefied when marking your paper! So come, for they are waiting for your arrival! If Alexander the Great was able to conquer the world with one tutor, imagine what you can do with Baylor!


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  1. Wonderful project!!!!!!!!!! As a social worker with Baylor for four years i struggled to help as much with student grades it was difficult combined with clinical issues. Thanks to those giving their time for this course ….keep the love going

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