BandAids, Bandages and Bites! First Aid in Botswana

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The following post was written by

Emily Kossow and Cassandra Pilla,

Botswana Teen Club Project Assistant

For July’s Teen Club, we decided to review some basic First Aid skills. Teen Club welcomed volunteers from the Botswana Red Cross Society to teach basic first aid. The teens were split into older and younger teens as usual. The younger teens started the morning with their activity. They were split into smaller groups, and each group was assigned a scenario describing someone being injured and needing first aid assistance. Groups had to come up with a small play portraying the injury and the appropriate first aid response. Scenarios included basic First Aid topics such as snake bites, ingested toxins, dog bites, open wounds, car accidents, burns, nosebleeds and choking. The teens were very enthusiastic and comedic actors; to the great delight of the teens and staff alike, several teens got down on their hands and knees during their skits to play the parts of the biting dog or snake! After each team presented their play to the rest of the group, Red Cross volunteers reviewed what they team had done correctly, and what other First Aid responses would have been beneficial. We were happily surprised to see how much the teens alread

Teens Practice First Aid they learned from the Red Cross

y knew, even before hearing the Red Cross’ presentation! After the drama activity, the younger teens had an interactive discussion with the Red Cross volunteers about basic First Aid and were able to practice putting each other in splits, bandages and neck braces.

The older teens did very similar activities. They started with their discussion on basic First Aid. The topics covered included wound care, caring for broken ribs, caring for a broken jaw or toothache, CPR and resuscitation, and burn management. We had some brave volunteers who had to act out the injury in order for first aid treatment to be properly demonstrated. The teens were also given a chance to practice wound care and tying bandages on each other. Then, the teens were divided in smaller groups of about 10 people and were each given scenarios like the younger teens. The scenarios covered wound care, burn management, poison control, alcohol poisoning, choking and snake bites. At the end of each skit, the group discussed together with the Red Cross volunteer what was done correctly, and what else could have been done. We had some very funny skits, and saw some very talented teen actors perform.

In the end, this gave a chance for the teens to learn a little bit about first aid and how to react in an emergency. We hope that the teens will be able to use the skills they learned. The activities were quite fun and we owe a big thank you to the Botswana Red Cross Society and their wonderful volunteers for helping to facilitate this month’s activities.

As a last note, the Teen Club members and staff would like to extend a huge thank you and farewell to our Project Assistant, Cassandra, who has been such a great part of our team for the last three months!