Show me the money! Barclays Bank of Botswana’s Financial Literacy Teen Club 2012

In March, the Gaborone Teen Club learned all about money: budgeting, saving, spending, bartering…you name it, they tried it. All of this knowledge was brought to our teens by the generosity of volunteers from Barclays Bank who dedicated their Saturday to teaching us about financial literacy.  A new group at Botswana-Baylor, the Young Adults Support Group, particularly benefited from this lesson, as many of them will soon enter the job market and need to learn how to properly manage their money.

 After fun and energetic warm ups, the teens were split into three groups: younger (13-16 years old), older (17-19 years old), and young adults (19+). All groups began the day listening to presentations by the Barclays Bank volunteers. The representatives talked about different ways of keeping track of one’s expenses, saving money and spending it wisely. The talks were engaging and informative and laid the groundwork for the day’s activities. At the conclusion of the presentations and question-and-answer time, the teens were further subdivided in their groups to begin the day’s activities!

 The younger teens had the task of planning a major event on a budget. They were split into six groups, half planning a school award giving ceremony and half planning a talent show. Each group was given a budget and presented with options for various elements of each event (ex. venues, food, entertainment etc…). Their job was to work together as a team to come up with a fun event that was within their budget. The teens did a wonderful job working together and communicating with each other about how to stay within their financial constraints. At the end of the exercise, each group presented their plan for the event, enabling the teens to practice both their public speaking and their financial literacy skills!

 The older teens and the young adults were split into groups of six to play the board game South African Monopoly. Shouts and laughter filled Baylor’s lobby as the older teens paid and gained money, bought and sold properties, went bankrupt, built hotels and hit the jackpot! As Monopoly emphasizes buying and maintaining property, a very important part of one’s adult life, the older teens were learning to implement the budgeting techniques that the Barclay’s representatives had discussed all the while. Once the games started, passersby could only see were the backs of the teens’ heads as everyone huddled over the game boards, completely engrossed.


 The day’s events turned out to be a wonderful success! Teens were able to apply what they had learned from the Barclay’s representatives with the activities and games that followed. All activities were enjoyed by younger and older teens alike, and everyone—even the Teen Club staff—came away from the day a little bit wiser!

 A huge thanks to Barclays Bank of Botswana for making this Financial Literacy Teen Club possible not only in Gaborone, but at all of our satellite Teen Clubs around Botswana, too!!