Botswana – a poem

BW by participants of the Out of School Youth Programme

NOTE: THIS PHOTO HAS HAS NOT BEEN REVIEWED TO ENSURE FULL RELEASE OF CAMPER -- Camp Hope Botswana at Marapula school in Gaborone, Botswana for HIV infected children who are clients of the Baylor-Botswana Children's Center of Excellence. Photographed in April 2006.

Botswana, a land of peace, harmony and prosperity warm hospitality,

A sense of belonging is how one would feel if they were visiting Botswana.

A country of wildlife and tourism and the beautiful different tribes,

Different cultures is a sight not to be missed.

Blessed with the Kalahari Desert that beautifies in place

With wild trees that bear wild fruits.

Moving swiftly to the Chobe area, a place that attracts tourists from all over the world,

who are normally here for the wildlife and exquisite Setswana cuisine.

A land of good food, exquisite taste of different dishes.

Delele grown in a field, slimy yet sweet.

Phane from a tree, a worm–tastes good, dried or fresh

With a side dish of pap or sorghum.

Fish, caught in the Chobe river, top of Botswana next to Maun–a place of tourism.

Dinawa, a great feeling of great beans popping in your mouth to produce the seetest tase of good plant foods.