Teen Leader Blog Project: Career Day

The Teen Leaders have launched a new initiative to keep people more informed about recent Teen Club activities. Each month two Teen Leaders will write blog entries detailing their experience at the previous Teen Club. Below are the installments on this project from two of our incredible Teen Leaders:



The last teen club was all about Career Day. It was basically talking about different careers and qualifications one needs to achieve those careers. We had people from different careers including an actress from Mareledi , the Human Resource Manager from KFC, a soldier of Botswana Defense Force, etc.

My favorite part was when we met the actress from our local drama MARELEDI because she was educating us and told us there is no qualification you need to be an actress, which was interesting to learn. It is also interesting that she gets to play a different character in different places.

At another station there were bankers from Standard Chartered and they taught me how to save money for the future. I thank the Standard Chartered Bank for the delicious food they gave to us.

I think it is important to have Career Day because people can take the ideas that they learned during the day and help them pick which career to choose from and what steps to take for one to achieve that career!!


The day was awesome and interesting because we got to meet people from different places like Mokolodi game reserve, KFC, Makgabaneng and others who we have never met before. The day was very enjoyable and the teens had fun.

We started by playing different games. Then we divided the teens into groups by age. Each group started at a different stations where they were taught about different  careers and how to achieve theme. Each station was given few  minutes , so that the presenters could share what they had prepared for Teen Club: information about their daily jobs and career paths. Then we shifted to the next station to learn about a different career and how they managed to get to where they are. We were also given time to say out our views and ask questions. In total, we visited thirteen different stations.

My favourite part was banking. I really enjoyed this station because I study accounting at school as my practical subject and it meant a lot to me since I want to be an accountant when I grow up and assist people at banks.

At this station, I learned a lot about banking like how to save, budget and also how to deal with money’s worth. I also learnt that there are different careers in banking that perform different tasks and what I should focus on in order to achieve them.

I hope this bog post will give information to anyone who wants to learn more about teen club!

We have Career Day to help all the teens get information, so that it will be easier for us when we are choosing our careers.


3 thoughts on “Teen Leader Blog Project: Career Day

  1. Hi. my name is Esther Lesetedi and I would very much like to join and be apart of the teen club as a volunteer a worker or a memeber.
    it would be such a pleasure to hear from you and be part of the great work you do.
    thank you!!

    1. Hi, If you are interested in volunteering with Baylor, please go to our website http://www.botswanateenclub.org and download a volunteer application. Return the application and a copy of your CV and omang. At this time we are not currently accepting applications but will resume after the New Year. Thank you for your interest.

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