Teen Leader Blog Project: STEM Education

Below is the second installment from the Teen Leader Blog Project. Two of our Teen Leaders recount the past Teen Club focused on STEM Education.

Blog Post #1

In the last teen club we learned about maths and science. We learned how to calculate at the maths games station and we did many activities like making slime and others.

In the last teen club my favorite part was doing maths because it helps me to solve and calculate problems which will assist me in my studies at school

One thing that I have learned is that calculations can be very simple. To come up with possible solutions you just use your brain and challenge yourself.

I think that the last teen club will help me to do better in my studies. I also learned to ask for assistance when I don’t understand which will help me in the future!

Blog Post #2

At the February Teen Club we did things from different subjects such as Maths and Science. In science we were taught how to make slime. In maths we played maths games. We were taught about the eye and touch at the Human Biology station.

My favourite part was at the egg drop because we were taught how to take care of certain things that can break easily. For example if you don’t take care of your life it will break and you will not have any future.

Many people used sponges and other padding to protect the egg from breaking. I feel like the padding in my life is my education, support systems, and self-esteem. At this station I learned how to take care of things that can break easily. I know I have the ability to take care of my life so that I can have a better future.

This Teen Club helped me appreciate our education because education is the key to success and if you are not educated we may not live a good life because we may not know how to read and write. I also learned that science can be fun, like when we made slime!