Teen Leader Blog Project: Day of the African Child

One of our Teen Leaders recounts his experience at the June Teen Club: 

June Teen Club was the most exciting of all teen club activities that was held by our coordinator Kendall. It is pitiful that our coordinator is leaving Botswana to continue her studies. Last Teen Club was well arranged and it was fun.

We had TNT dancers for entertainment and unfortunately the SKY dancers did not come for entertainment due to certain problems. Afterwards we had members from Barclays bank educating us in ways in which we can save. Then we had to move around to find where we can stay for entertainment. We had the dancing activity,  basketball activity and the football activity. My favourite part was the basketball activity. Techniques in basketball activity can help me in the future. If one was not interested in taking part in the above activities, they had to write and colour about their rights and decorate it after colouring since it was the month of the AFRICAN CHILD.

In cooperation with the BARCLAYS BANK we thank them for the lovely snacks they gave to us and wish the best for them in archiving their goals. With hope the new coordinator will continue where Kendall  left.